Tentative steps on a journey to mindfulness

This is my very first post. A post straight from the dark recesses of The Burren on West Coast of Ireland.

The fairy forest, west coast.

Silence drops a silk veil as we enter the woods.

A sober crowd, one by one

Stepping gingerly over

The rocks that make

A stile

Then, of a sudden, cold air brushes faces, thighs.

Fairies’ breath.

Diamonds of light burst through woodland leaves

Intense as stars in foamy light of Green

pulses of energy leaping leaf tip to leaf tip;

Soft dappled dancing light

Circling the forest

Like wedding rings.

Tendrils twist across our path

stinging arms and legs;

Branches of hazel and blackthorn

Snap back

Into the silence.

Stillness all around.

Even the clump clump of our thick boots is muffled

against the mossy earth.

I scoop the soil between thumb and fingers.

The peat springs back, smelling sweet and loamy.

There is so much beauty here –

This fairy dell

Where lichen glistens on ivy-gripped branches

Ferns emerge nodding from lousy logs

And in the shadows of the moon

The chocolate pine martin stares; a fox trots quietly by;

Badgers root for berries

And soft-lipped moths slip from silky slumber

into the still night air.


One thought on “Tentative steps on a journey to mindfulness

  1. This is a beautiful poem that reeks of the mood & ‘whispers’ of the strange hazel woods in the Burren. It reminds me of the myths and people I heard of growing up in the North of Ireland. Thank you for posting this. A lovely special moving poem.

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